25 thoughts on “Zlatan Ibrahimovic – All 21 goals 2010-2011 AC Milan”

  1. @EuRo452 We need at least two new midfielders to become CL competitors

  2. @simen666andersen i agree pirlo was brilliant but he is getting old and i think it was the right move however we need to find a player to fill his gap or we wont go far this season. Milan needs younger players maybe ganso can be the replacement who knows.

  3. Look at Pirlo’s assist vs Genoa, how can we give a differencemaker like that away?

  4. @LakiPingvin011 hes not serbian, he was born in Sweden with a Bosnian father and a Croatian mother, your an idiot.

  5. Zlatan is the swedish and his father come from Bosnja, and anyone in the world did know that Bosnja is not Serbian. Fuck Serbian people.

  6. easily one of the top 20 forwards of all time…i mean #15 wtf did he even try lol?

  7. @LakiPingvin011 Zlatan is the best serbian player after Nemanja Vidic !! 🙂

  8. @KOVALCHUKDEVILS17 He is raised in Malmö FF from Sweden which promotes players like him which is great. I would say that within a couple of years there will be a “new Zlatan” from Malmö FF.

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