25 thoughts on “El Shaarawy Stephan – Welcome To AC Milan |HD|”

  1. @issamkarimredasoufia Islam is a religion, has NOTHING to do with a persons name unless that person’s name is RELATED to the religion not the other way around

  2. @gabbefifa Aa, jag är svens. 🙂
    Men jag tror inte hans pappa är muslim, bara för att man är från Egypten. Tror båda är kristna.

  3. @MrMilanistaSwe är du svensk? lr hur fattar inte heller men hon kanske inte va så religiös o brydde sig it så mkt om det

  4. @gabbefifa Well his mother i christian. I dont know where people from here got that his father is muslim just because he’s from Egypt. I dont think his mother would be allowed to marry a muslim man or something, I dont really know. 🙂

  5. @jakeinter11 Shaarawy is the biggest talent in Italy. And Alvarez sucked against Manchester City and Celtic, didnt look like a talent too me. Coutinho doesnt even make of the bench in Merda. Castaignos I’m actually surprised off, he looks like a great talent, but Stephan is a bigger one.

  6. LOL… u call this a talent?? go check the talents that inter bought like Ricky Alvarez, Coutinho,Castaignos,and the lates one Alejandro Rodriguez.

  7. @issamkarimredasoufia his father is an egyptian muslim and mother is an italian christian …

  8. He seems clever player with great technic and nice finishing right foot. Lets hope he has the “balls” to curry MILAN’ shirt

  9. @gabbefifa and why ” :S ” ?? is it wrong to be a muslim ??? also his father is egyptian … what about that ??? he has arab roots ??

  10. @gabbefifa does it make a difference?? Plus alot of unearthed talent in north africa Morocco, algeria, Tunisia, Libya Egypt …and these countries happen to be muslim countries….

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