25 thoughts on “Barcelona 4-0 AC Milan MATCH REACTION (Messi, Villa, Alba Goals)”

  1. haha 12 goals in 2012, equalling Bapitusta’s record, while not playing striker like in Barca; he play’s playmaker role in argentina. yes, no xavi/iniesta, so he himself plays to fill in that hole. and well, just look at the 2 goals against milan,,,, if u are a real football fan, then you would admit that it was all messi and his pure moments of genius that brought milan down.

  2. hahaha 14 goals in 13 games and 8 assists. Messi single handedly took Argentina from 13 to 3 on FIFA ratings of International teams. Tell me who else has done that?

  3. I was laughing until you said “I hate that little midget”…can you be anymore of a douche? Just respect the best player in history

  4. I liked, cuz i love to see you cry like a little girl to my team, that won 4-0! 😉
    Barcelona all the way, dont give up hope Barcelona fans!<3

  5. Lve his reactions! Thats a true Fan- like many of us. As a Barça fan i was excited but had those same reactions on the first game- but w the hope of this game. Milan needs to improve lots though

  6. i remember Valdes stopping some very significant shots on goal from the likes of Boateng and Ibra in last years UCL. he may not be the best, but he doesn’t suck. you can’t have a shitty goalie and win that many titles. also, shows how much you watch, Valdes has kept this Barcelona defense this year from conceding even more goals. yes he has very notable errors, but his defenders aren’t helping this season at all. he has 5 Zamora trophies for pete’s sake.

  7. just watch his top 50 goal compilation. that video proves he has the skills to pay the bills in any league at any time. he’s the best player that deserves to play for the best team. no other player in the world could join Barcelona and score the same amount of goals as Messi.

  8. and yet he has a olympic gold medal and a fifa u-20 world cup with Argentina. to say he has done nothing is ridiculous. also, he’s 2 goals away from matching Maradona’s tally for Argentina. and don’t get me started on the horrible management of Maradona, which had ruined the national team chemistry for Argentina until recently. he might not score as consistently, but if you put him on any other top tier team, Madrid, United, Juventus, Bayern, etc. he would definitely dominate

  9. Have you been paying attention to Messi’s recent performances with Argentina? If not, please do, you’ll be less ignorant for it. 12 goals in 2012 (tied the Batistua’s record) and has captained Argentina to the top of the SA World Cup Qualifiers standing.

  10. To be fair though, after the last World Cup it was pretty evident that the team lacked coordination and chemistry for quite a while. The amount of great chances that Higuain, Tevez, and even Aguaro (who usually scores) blew from great through passes from Messi was mind nobbing. Even in a game they won 3-0 that I remember, they should have won it with 6 or 7-0 from all the chances he created for the forwards. But the team seems to play much better together in the past year.

  11. He played quite well for Argentina in the past two years. In 2012 in particular, he scored 12 competitive goals in 8 games. Among them a hattrick against Brazil. During Copa America, although they didn’t go all the way (lost out only to the winner of the whole competition) Messi was praised for his playmaking. But he seems to play further up, more offensively now. Not sure who is their main playmaker instead of him though.

  12. well look at how Messi plays with Argentina, and look how he plays with Barca. It is clearly the fact he has better players with him at Barcelona

  13. HAHAHAHAH VESCA BARCA BITCH, dumbass Italian, you don’t know shit all about futbole. “Messi nothing without his team mates at Barca.” You idiot

  14. haha good eye for catching that! But I feel that if Messi didn’t have the players around him like at Barca he wouldn’t be as effective or good. Look at how he plays for Argentina…he has done NOTHING with them. No World Cup, not even a Copa America. 

  15. yeah I have played FOOTBALL all my life! Valdes, not Valdez (shows how much you watch) does suck. I don’t know if you have seen Valdes’ career at all, but you should know that he sucks. One clean sheet because of the players in front of him doesn’t make a keeper good. Yeah he cut the angle, but he didn’t even put a hand to the ball. As for Messi and Ronaldo, your just repeating what I said. Messi in my opinion is not better than Ronaldo! You should stick to FIFA man.

  16. Good video, never seen a team under so much pressure before, Messi just blows me every time I see him. He is defiantly the better then CR7 in my opinion. Better then pele and müller.

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