25 thoughts on “Hachim Mastour — The new AC Milan Star”

  1. He is a fantastic player stop saying negative comments bout him, it is because u guys cant be as good as him stop being so jelous

  2. To think that this kind of extraordinary talent would go to Arsenal, makes me barf really

  3. Yes I agree with you , and this is totally crazy , to Have such a skillful players and do not gualify for a world cup since 1998 …

  4. Players from Morocco and the Middle East are very similar, very skillfull. the problem is he has a long way to go and traditionally these players have serious mentality and fitness problems that hold them back. He did a couple of nice tricks and looks good for his age but you could produce a clip of highlights like that for tonnes of young players who never went on to amount to much. Best of luck to him.

  5. What is the name of the song. It’s a beautiful song!

    He is a great player. He will be a great player! What a talent..

  6. What are you talking bout? Before he went to AC Milan, he played against them and won with 5-0. He scored 5 of them.

  7. Yes thats true but look at this hes 14/15 now and has that skills already and is only a yought player

  8. And do you see Ronaldo pass that much and he’s one of the best of the world

  9. Why is everyone nagging about him being selfish if you watch the video you see he passes alot

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