Adriano Galliani feels Club will soon Dominate Italian First Flight

Adriano Galliani, one of the chief decision makers at AC Milan, feels the club would start dominating the Italian first flight again in near future.

The Rossoneri have not played consistent Football for quite a while. The board has tried everything to get the team back on track, but, none of the efforts has paid off.

There were high hopes with Filippo Inzaghi as manager. But, he has not had that much of an affect either.

Milan’s main problem has been their inability to build on a win. They just don’t seem to be able to carry the winning momentum on.

After winning a game or two, they happen to have a couple of poor games and that ruins everything.

The consistency factor is not there is the current bunch of players that the team possesses.

Galliani blames injuries for that. He reckons had there been slightly fewer fitness issues for Milan in the ongoing season, the results would have been better and the team would have been at a higher position in the table.

Galliani, however, knows how important it is to end the season with some success.

“We want to have a good few months in the back end of the season and then, from the next season onwards, I hope we are back contending for the title again.” said the Italian entrepreneur the other day.

“Momentum is something which is really, really vital and unfortunately, that’s where we have been lagging behind a little bit. We have not won matches successively. We have to look to do that in the remainder of the season and make sure that we are in very good space when the seasons finishes.”

Milan does not look like making it to Europe this season.