25 thoughts on “Liverpool v AC Milan Champions League Final 2005 HD”

  1. i was on holiday in cyprus when this was on. they had a sort of cinema room where they were playing the game and i went down as a neutral fan, watched the first half and went back to hotel room after they were 3-0 down. how i regret that now.

  2. howya doin bro,can you go on to youtube and give my video a few hits please? its YOU’LL NEVER WALK ALONE.NANDOS LAST GAME FOR LIVERPOOL

  3. @MrLeveLHeaded As i previously said , we are creating our own successful history as we speak, and one day the bubble may well burst (but i dont think it will) ill still be as passionate about the club as i was before Roman came along. Dont forget that it isnt the fans fault that we had a billionaire russian want to buy our club and get us out of a real financial mess. You must also appreciate that for many years we were a nearly club , so now we have success we feel we deserve to brag about it.

  4. @kevvo26 – One more thing as you mentioned it, Man United have a brilliant manager and are self financing due to a massive fan base, so credit to them as they win titles in the correct way instead of trying to buy them,all clubs like Chelsea and Man City have achieved is to drive the prices of players up to ridiculous levels,but what happens when the bubble bursts?

  5. @kevvo26 – Remember i’m not an expert on football,but even i know that Chelsea up until the Abramovich era were less successful than Spurs,like i said history is built up over years,not just the last 6 or 7 years when you have a guy throwing money down the drain,with massive losses each year,and still they cant win the Champions league,the biggest prize in European football.

    However apart from the fact that you do talk some foolish nonsense,you do have good taste in music.

  6. @MrLeveLHeaded You need to do your homework if you want to say Tottenham are a big club due to decades of success ? Poor knowledge again on your part. I believe when people hate teams that usually means that they are the best teams ie Chelsea & Man utd (funny how its only Chelsea & Man utd who ever win the title nowadays) , But i do agree with you about the johhny come lately supporters at chelsea nowadays. That is the biggest most annoying thing about it all.

  7. @kevvo26 – With all due respect, you are the epitome of a Chelsea fan,your club has no great history and you will always be Londons third club behind the Spurs and the Gunners,to be a big club you have to sustain history over decades,you have a “sugar daddy” who has imo turned Chelsea into the most hated club in the premier league,and glory supporters have been coming out of the woodwork,who dont even know who Ron Harris was,let alone where the ground is.

  8. @IIEvoGamingII I wish we had won the Premier League as many times as Liverpool….. Oh hold on what’s that ? Oh we have won it 3 times and they have won it a big fat ZERO times. Shame.

  9. @MrLeveLHeaded People who watch men play with an egg shaped ball all the time are a joke mate. Liverpool were indeed a successful club once but their time is gone. My club are creaing their own history now and if you knew anything about football you would know this. You would also know that “that russian guy” has just proved only last week that he will not be leaving us like everyone hopes so no not another Leeds United.

  10. @kevvo26 How many times have chealsea won the champions league? Surely at least twice, only shit teams havn’t won it twice… Hold on, whats this? You’ve never won it? Hmm. Epic fail. Terry missed the penalty on purpose so wayne bridges wife would bang him in sympathy.

  11. @kevvo26 – I’m a rugby fan, but everyone knows Chelsea are a joke,Liverpool are a clear mile ahead, LFC is a massive club, and what happens when that Russian guy leaves,another Leeds United.

  12. @kevvo26 If you persist i will send your address to every liverpool football fan you’ve abused over the past 6 mths, mmmmm how does he know this you may ask ?

  13. @scum68 What a pleb you really are. There are a lot worse comments and worse language used by dirty scouse fans on youtube. Saddo.

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