25 thoughts on “HD: AC Milan V Lecce- Ronaldinho Elastico and Rabona”

  1. el mejor jugaros del mundo & nadie me quitara ese pensamiento ahi qke reconoserlo ronaldinho el mejor

  2. Who ever thinks…Cr7 has more impact then R80…They are a fool…

    How many times have you seen cr7 getting passed from a spot when he is surrounded by 2 or more defenders??…

    Even not in Prime age..Ronnie does that easily………

    Keep a distance between a Magician and a Player….

  3. i would pick ronaldinho if i was a manager between ronaldinho and c ronaldo i would let ronaldinho work hes ass off and in the match i would say him do whatever the fuck you want

  4. @tuningmaster60 Agree With U But IF We Go Back In The Time He Was So Much Better For His History Now CR7 Owns Him

  5. @karorre Well, actually it Does work for the team. he scores more than you’d think. I”ve got loads of respect for Ronaldinho, but if I could choose between R80 and CR7 if I was a manager, I’d pick Ronaldo. No offense, but he’s more effective than R80 is. It didn’t use to be like that, when Ronaldinho was at barça in his best form, he’d own CR all the way

  6. @tuningmaster60 But It’s True ¬¬ Cr7 Is A Shit In The Camp, He Just Touch The Ball And Make Feints It Doesn’t Work For The Team If He Would Have More Dribble He Would Be another Player 🙂

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