25 thoughts on “Keisuke Honda – Welcome to AC Milan”

  1. Great video Marco!

    And that’s what I’m talk about! Honda is the best ,and he will wear the
    ’10’ ? Love it !

  2. the video effects dont match with the faggot music, but it stills a nice
    clip. like!

  3. I hope Balotelli will be reasonable and let this master take the
    free-kicks. :)

  4. Great!!
    As one of the Japanese , I’m really proud of Keisuke Honda.

  5. he is more like costa style ,here the next Rui Costa , where the next
    Shevchenko ?

  6. The best video of Honda ever! As Japanese, I really hope that Honda will
    help Milan turn things around there to climb up the standings in Serie A :D

  7. +marco7patotutorial I’m a 17 year old from India and have been a Milan
    supporter since when I was 14 years old. Your videos have made me cry tears
    of joy and pride. I can walk with my head held high around my friends
    because they respect me as a Milan supporter. Grazie marco 🙂

    Forza Milan 🙂

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