Jefferson Talks. Seedorf And Botafogo

Botafogo captain Jefferson has stated that current Milan manager Clarence Seedorf was a huge influence on his club during the short time he spent at the Brazilian outfit. Seedorf finished his playing days playing for the Brazilian club Botafogo. He had arrived in Brazil with a big reputation of having won numerous trophies with big clubs like Real Madrid and AC Milan. Botafogo, meanwhile, were struggling to assert their superiority in the domestic league. Following his arrival, Seedorf reportedly did several changes to the club and this started with minor aspects like the dressing room chair layout according to Jefferson.

Jefferson admitted that Seedorf tried to change things a little too quickly, but he said that Botafogo did improve a lot and became much more of a professional club after he arrived. The club have been struggling in the league since Seedorf left the club a few months ago. The Dutchman took over at AC Milan as the manager of the club. He had played for Milan for almost a decade during which time he won league titles and Champions League. As far as their relationship goes, Jefferson stated that it had always been very professional.

He has thanked Seedorf for the time spent at Botafogo.

He said: “Our relationship has always been very professional. Seedorf arrived here at Botafogo and revolutionised us with his attitude and professionalism. The motivation in him at times was very strong. He sometimes tried to change things too fast. I think in three or four months he tried to change things that would last maybe years. Seedorf certainly added a lot to the Botafogo, Botafogo has grown with his arrival.”

“Seedorf has changed our way of getting to the locker room, we could not have music, the chair had to be the way he thought it had to be, things like that he wanted to change,” said the captain.