25 thoughts on “Alessandro Nesta AC Milan 2002/2012”

  1. i really like this video , but i would like to know whats the name of the song. If anyone knows please answer please =9

  2. شــــكـــــــــــراً نــــيـــــســــــــتــــا

  3. Well said, isn’t hindsight a wonderful thing? Cretinous verbal miscreant.

  4. Respect NESTA!! you know nothing about football, It’s better for you if start watching basket, be careful next time when you talk about a legend player as NEST!

  5. Grande Nesta, uno di noi! I hope you extend at the end of the season!
    Thank you KJ1868, too bad you didn’t have any clips from 2012, especially against Barcelona 🙂
    Forza Milan!

  6. Adebayor says : Barça players are always on the floor crying like a baby , bitches .
    Thumbs up .

  7. Barca should be embarrassed winning the way they did today….The second penalty was non-existant and it has been proves by the AS Spanish paper that the ball wasn’t even in play when Busquets decided to take a tumble…Milan deserved better

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