18 thoughts on “Minecraft Megabuild – Inter/AC Milan Football Stadium ‘San Siro’ – Part 7 –”

  1. Of course! It would disgrace Italy with a one letter spelling mistake!

    BTW….I was just joking.

  2. and how to finish the San Siro this can do a national stadium in Poland and the euro so 🙂

  3. maybe but from what I’ve seen of images it’s red. blue and green…

  4. im not trying to be read aswell but i agree with kyleandshealow22 isnt it supposed to be red green blue and orange

  5. From the images i’ve seen on Google I haven’t seen any with the main stand being orange. Always Red, Green and Blue.

  6. Hey man, nice stadium, not tryin to be mean but isn’t the main stand orange?

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