25 thoughts on “Robinho – Welcome in Ac Milan 2010-2011”

  1. meus amigos italianos robinho soh faz gol em time pequeno
    é um jogador extremamente pipoquero que em decisões num joga nada

  2. @alialimali
    Ummmm btw just to let you know milan is at the top of the table now ….. just saying

  3. man Milan just got huge upgrade on team they got robinho and ibra now they got robinho, ibra, ronaldinho, nesta, zambrotta, seedorf geez they might win the gold this year and whoever says robinho sucks hes amazing he hated man city so he did bad to be traded i dnt blame him man city is crap

  4. first defeat. milan will get fucked this year i have told this in the beginning. you dont become a world club by gettin robinho. waste of money.

  5. yea nice ac milan, my fav series A team, manchester United fc in EPl, and Real Madird in La liga (thats because of ozil and Ronaldo)

  6. Üdv Robinho!!!! Éljen a A.C. MILAN ááááááááaaaaaaa
    GO Champions League Final…..2010-11

  7. @RobiscoDaCosta why will he go to a club that does not even qualify to the champions league? visca BraCa

  8. con robinho, ronaldinho, pato y zlatan, el AC MILAN ha conformado un equipaso!!!
    q bueno es saber q otra vez se va a ver el AC MILAN de siempre!!!


  9. ho do uz think will be benched from those players
    if it used to be flamini, ambosini,pirlo,gattuso,seedorf, dinho,pato,
    n now kevin prine boatin , robinho,ibra
    but u got to admit milan is one heel of a team dis season


  11. ronaldinho will move back to play as left midfielder and robinho will play lf pato rf and ibra cf
    it will be 4 3 3
    boateng pirlo dinho
    pato ibra robinho
    and forza milan 😀

  12. @ronal80inho i think ronnie gonna move to trequartista position and robinho gonna play left wing forward

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