25 thoughts on “Highlights Sampdoria 1-2 AC Milan – 26/01/2011”

  1. @1908FLR
    I agree with you !

    To be one of the greatest you gotta be as most injury-free, lucky, and be at right club at a right time !
    I am a Ac Milan fan but if he is with Milan and they are never gonna win anything, he will not !!!

    But there are changing times now, so we just see 😉

  2. Pato is a great talent, he will be as great as messi if he wasn’t injured this much, but I think he’ll pick up the pace from now!
    He’s so fast & his shot is great!!

  3. Some of you may think im crazy but i think if Pato was not always injured he would be on the level of Messi and Ronaldo already. He has to spend too much time getting his form back when he should have been improving instead. The kid is very good.

  4. @massingstone and u tell ME to cool down? I was asking a question, dude. Didn’t complain about anything o.O You kind of misunderstood me here.

  5. thiago silva comes from outer space. REMARKABLE! a leader, a role model, my fave player. PAPASTATHOPOULOS IS AN EPIC STOPPER. yepes is ok. he numbs down nestas injury, i never want to see seedorf play, unless its a farewell game

  6. Wow. What skills from PATO. He’s one of the best young talends right now. Can’t wait his colours in BRAZIL. For 2014, he would be a big candidate for Golden boot

  7. i agree its good that they played well without ibra.good to see van bommel and samuelson already in the starting 11.

  8. Everybody forget Thiago Silva, The Monster. He is the best defender of the world. We have the best players of the planettttt…Brazil, the winner 2014 world cup.

  9. @Slashzinhuu Cool down. If you are intelliegent, you will know it is Arabic. They film for Arabic TV and then put it on youtube. If you dont like it, just mute the volume. All you need to do is watch the game.BTW I am not Arabic or Italian. Be grateful we can watch the game at High Quality level. You could always unsubscribe too.

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