25 thoughts on “Highlights ImpactMontreal 1-4 AC Milan – 3/6/2010”

  1. this just goes to show you how much more advanced european soccer is over north american soccer.

  2. @tshehlaM I think Dunga was humiliated when Ronaldinho tried a move on him that showed him little respect

  3. @devilantony100 You know nothing about our commentators, he’s good and he brings √©motion in his descriptions ,he’s not boring to hear , maybe you don’t know french ????

  4. @StylezJerkk no shit fucking dumbass…like montreal canadiens or team canada hockey could beat any italian hockey teams 9-0 ….fuckoff.

  5. worst commentator ever but do its quebec and lol i think i heard habs goal horn ??

  6. wow ronaldinho, those were some amazing passes, if only dunga had taken him to southafrica things woulda been different

  7. Why is Mancini still with Milan? He has skill but doesn’t fit the mould of what Milan needs in a player at this time.

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