25 thoughts on “Highlights Bologna 0-3 AC Milan – 12/12/2010”

  1. To all those saying where is Dinho and why he’s not playing, I’m pretty sure you haven’t watched one Milan game this season. We are Milan fans not some lazy former star fans.

  2. @aafrican of course ronnie says he wont leave what else is he going to say that’s how these things work. ibra is a better buy then ronnie was. and it does not show immaturity it shows hunger which is good it doesn’t matter if it looks stupid don’t talk as if you know everything

  3. Robinho been on fire with Ibra Ronnie must start working hard if he wonts to play I wish we get ganzo and get rid of ronnie

  4. @cuscsu agreed, dinho’s best season were at barca. milan bought a shadow of the player he used to be.

  5. @aafrican I like when people raise their hands when they want the ball. It shows a desire to be on the ball. Hunger is always good. He did well, but still not impressive. Missed a couple of passes but found himself in the right position more often than not.

  6. @MajorNuttela14 Robinho doesn’t fit the system? He has been the reason behind our last 4 games of attacking success.

  7. KEVIN PRIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIINCE BOAAAAAAAAAATENG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! robinho doesnt fit the system. so he doesnt play. this gives results. it only stops working as soon as seedorf comes on

  8. @aafrican no marco van basten was and kaka .Think about it ronaldinho was the best thing to happen for barcelona when he was young but now he got old.. and with all these ronaldinho comments i am starting to doubt how many true milan fans there are…

  9. @Skoog13 Yes but that was last season you have to think about this season.Oh and for your information borriello was last year’s top scorer he scored 14 goals and ronaldinho scored 12 but nobody gave a shit when borriello left

  10. @PLAKUchannel i think hes playing alright, just doesnt have a strong shot,
    i dont remember him losing the ball a lot,

  11. @aafrican no no i’m not stupid, but how the hell can an attacker of that caliber miss clear chances and lose the ball that easily ?

  12. this game was good, and Stressar came on, but hes not mature , waving his hands up to want the ball.
    that shows your not professional, and it looks stupid,
    hes good at headers,
    but please dont raise your hands up like a baby,
    and ROnnie will not leave jan.
    hes said it clearly and the ronnie is the best thing that has ever happend to Milan,
    think about it

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