25 thoughts on “Highlights _ AC Milan [ 5-2 ] Genoa – 6/1/2010 _ Arabic Comment”

  1. @FAISAL44DH That explains why they have won one match in 7 games -.-

    Forza Milan!

  2. milan is the best if you want to watch aowsome football inter is just wining they are so lucky some times but milan is playing alot better football forza milan we coming inter if we beat juvie

  3. Borrillo has so impressed me. He is not that fast but is complete striker – good brain, good finisher, decent speed, excellent on and off the ball movement. I feel sorry for Huntelaar. Really I do. We can play all three – Hunterlaar, Borellio and Pato. It would be difficult playing all three with Ronaldinho. Pato, Ronnie, Ambro and Abate are the untouchables.

  4. I think Borriello, Beckham und Ronaldinho played good but Masimo Ambrosini was the man of the match

  5. Great performance of Milan, this is Milan at their prime. Ronaldinho is better now.

  6. Borrielo is back
    Ronaldinho is back
    beckham is back

    The HELL WIN is back Against MAN UNITED !!!!

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