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Victory at home this past weekend Bologna, Inter Milan with the president is delighted: “Leonardo is definitely the right person, will correct the rhythm back to our team, especially mentally, was also seriously capable to mobilize our emotions. ” Inter after he took office in Leonardo Hao taking five-game winning streak in all competitions, for a set of six points behind, hoping to regain the title race. Cycle was at Udinese, Inter n are expected in a necessary condition for the battles in the laughter of the best.The last century and beginning of this century, the North team Udinese Inter had been a puzzle for the “tough.” 1997-98 season, Inter Udinese owner of Leonardo with the , led by former Zaccheroni won the Series 3, and this season to play the 2002-03 season, Udinese Inter handles 14 and is 6 6 wins, 2 losses, which fell to 3 times more impressive record at San Siro. However, since the 2004-05 seasons, played against 15 teams after glass, black-6, 9 negative bad idea 0.2008-09 season, a victory so far is 5 consecutive losses to Inter, Inter Milan before is no longer a murderer. It should be noted that 3 times last season, played against the measure, twice at home to Inter s 2-1 away victory over the 3-2, two goals are a necessary condition for pattern Jieyou battles.Switching between coach after the series of five wins, scored 15 goals 5 of war, while losing the ball to 7, and loses the ball in every game, the week before the game was tied, even Series Barry penultimate attack (13 balls) and newly promoted twice admitted Cesena. Udinese currently ranked eighth in Serie A, but the team scored 31 goals before 20, the second in goals for AC n, Juventus, Palermo and Inter with the Inter Football Shirt, but the number of white team (27) Series 10 is the largest in the league a little less of Bologna, Lecce and Bari club from relegation three. 4, 2011, after entering the game, Udinese in the 12-fault, not the 8-ball, the road in their last two league AC and Genoa scored 4 goals, praise coach Guidolin profile in the ball after the last game Weekend Udinese team played in the recent movie “We are constantly attacking team.” Sea Inter n, Chelsea and other wealthy Chilean extreme concern Sanchez is both for 4 consecutive wins Series AC Milan have won a war, a head Zhuangtaiqijia rarer. These factors have encouraged home game with Udinese and champions Inter have more power to develop trade and, crucially, weeks Udinese in the Coppa Italia with the hard struggle for Sampdoria in overtime defeat on penalties in the 4-5, severe physical exertion, the link is not realistic, but once the game has evolved to share war coaching change shortly after the Inter with the Inter Milan Shirt Football attack defense little chance to win a stronger more.

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