25 thoughts on “AC Milan – Champions of Italy – 2010/2011”

  1. Boateng will be a true rossoneri. He is honest, he has a clear, good hearth. He’s hard-working and i belive he will stay with us less then next 5 years.

  2. il video e’ bello ma chi lo ha fatto non ha capito che il campionato e la coppa italia sono 2 competizioni diverse: ci sono ben 4 gol (2 di pato, 1 di ibra e 1 di merkel) segnati in coppa italia…

  3. @fuzzau yeah i know .. i took i from another Milan video …/watch?v=5wljGeL0_PY

  4. i know the second song is “your name” by alex gaudioso but how did you get it without lyrics, b/c it sounds better without words

  5. @19Ronaldinho80 yeah Ronnies pass was brilliant!!! but i think his pass to Pato at 2:44 was even more brilliant…

  6. greaaaaaaaaaat video .. i’m sad cus no shots for our beloved the 1 and only Christian Abbiati .. but still gr8 effort and thank u .. Milaaano Milaaano Milaaano

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