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  1. @jct400 how do you exactly expect us to “forget about everything” with Ibrahimovic, Robinho and Pato?

  2. @fazleeSG Theres no point of having them on the bench. They need to play them so they gain experience. Pato is great but hes been hindered by repeated injuries. He’s out again after just coming back. Zlatan And robino were great additions but milan need a midfield. Without one, the defense gets worn out and the attackers don’t get the ball enough to create openings.

  3. @jct400 Milan have already some young players but they don’t want to use them afraid of losing so they use the more experienced players. And they have a rpomising YOUNG striker in Pato.

  4. they don’t have kaka’ anymore. They can forget about everything if they don’t start getting younger and able players

  5. Associazione Calcio Milan s.p.a. is the best team of all time…. Forza Rossoneri…

  6. @tathagat91 Yes, I think not easy for Milan to do the same thing like 2007 but I believe They will play better than in season 2011. I hope they have trophy in this year, maybe Coppa Italia or Scudetto.

  7. @atpworldtourmaster 2012 maybe. This year wont be very good for milan. Too much dead weight and mid field and strikers are rubbish other than pato.

  8. I’m like to see manchester united but I think Ac Milan played the best of 2007, The deserved with winning and I believe Ac Milan will come back in 2011.

  9. Serie a clubs are the most succesful in football history and ac milan, juventus are the most two clubs that won major trophies. If u count the international trophies won by epl and la liga clubs they will be much less than the ones won by serie a clubs.i mean by international trophies the ucl,europa league,european super cup.fifa clubs world cup.Serie a produced the most ucl finalists and most ucl winners.So in all the ways serie a clubs are the best. Serie a will retain their power back soon.

  10. Fair no one can deny the contributions of Italian football hell you lot make the best defenders in the world. I just get pissed with same really sept with English football and united.

  11. @paulwilliams19 Well i hope united do well too. I just get really pissed off when people dont give respect to italians and italian clubs and their contribution to football.

  12. @tathagat91 Yeah but dont forget that for the last 6 or 7 years we have had an english team in the final 6 time not to mention one was an all English final, which should have happened again next year but Fifa screwed Chelsea over against Barca. Also are biggest teams where raided for players Spain and Manchester city (who are ruining football). What ever though you support your league well an that’s a gd thing. I do hope you finally win Serie A cus Milian are my fav team outside of united.

  13. @paulwilliams19 I will not get into the whole which league is better debate. All i gotta say is in UCL inter and fiorentina did the double on liverpool and chelsea last year apart from inter winning UCL. And b4 u say liverpool were having a bad season fiorentina were having a worse season and they finished 10th. Not to mention no english team in SF. If any league is on the decline its the EPL .

  14. @paulwilliams19 Ok dude u know what? I have done enough research on calciopoli and I want u to show me one piece of incrementing evidence rather than bias. It is proven fact that had they waited for a court to give verdict Serie A wouldnt have taken place that season that is why the verdict was given by italian FA in a hurry.

    And if u think utd is saintly then type britsh football betting scandal in wikipedia which involved liverpool and utd. Unfotunately i cant post the link.

  15. @tathagat91 Suuuuuuuure thats why Juve went to Seri B and you got some dirty fine. Your hole league is rigged and its football is slow and boring. The Premier league is the hardest league in the world and everybody knows it.
    Face Serie A is a shadow of what it used to be and so are Milian (I am sorry to say that about Milian cus believe it or not I do like them and I do want them to win Serie A) I just do not accept people trying to disrespect Manchester united.

  16. @paulwilliams19
    “Lets not forget that Milian where done for match fixing in the last 10 years.. ”

    I suggest u stfu and get ur facts straight when u dont know shit about calciopoli (WHAT?).
    First of all. Milan were charged with unsporting conduct not match fixing. Second of all the verdict was given by the italian FA and not the court and it was given WITHOUT any evidence so serie a season isnt disrupted.

  17. @paulwilliams19 Inter’s manager left because he already achieved everything at inter and wanted a new challenge. He also left Porto after winning UCL for a new challenge. Dont expect me to teach u that concept.

    Lolz at the second point at “they” were thinking of giving UCL places to germany. EVER HEARD OF UCL COEFFICIENT SYSTEM? AHAHAHAHAHA Go wiki it.

    AND ROFL at inter always winning serie A. They have won it no more than united has won BPL (CHECK). Dont gimme crap ass bias.

  18. @paulwilliams19 Were zanetti and cambiasso both UCL winners present in the WC? Has giggs in his 18 years ever even set foot on a WC? And no pato didnt want to head to chelsea. It was ancelotti that was chasing him and offered a fee of around 51 mil euros which is almost equal to kaka’s transfer.

    Another thing genius. In last 10 years united reached 2 finals and won 1. Milan reached 3 finals (03,05,07) and won 2. Last time i checked 2 > 1.

  19. @tathagat91 Hahaha sure thats why Inters manger left to go where? Spain. Also they were thinking of giveing one or two of the serie A champions league place to Germany. Why? Because no one wants to join your league. Lets face it Inters treble was not as much of a big deal as United or Barca why is that? Because Inter all ways win Serie A. Lets not forget that Milian where done for match fixing in the last 10 years..

  20. @tathagat91 Was Pato even in the world cup? An I swear he wants to go Chelsea?
    An we reached two, and if you look up who has more in the last 10 years out of the two it would be us. An how long have you lot been rebuilding for?? I swear you where in the Europa league two years ago? What was the worse beating the one you gave us or the one we just handed to you?

  21. @paulwilliams19 Also note that our shit league won the UCL last year and is right now the most successful league in the world ahead of english and the spanish. And also note that when inter won UCL they beat the best team of russia , the best team of EPL (chelsea) , the best team of spain (barca) , and the best team of germany (munich).

  22. @paulwilliams19 Past 10 years? Ok thats fine with me as well. In europe milan has reached 3 UCL finals won 2- More than united. Its one thing losing 3-0 quite another getting ur ass played out of the park in the finals (barca-utd check) and after a while realising that resistance is futile. Oh btw when we handed utd their ass they were not rebuilding at all. Ur rebuilding phase was 2006 when u got KOed in first round (check). Our best player is Pato (check). How many gls did rooney score in WC?

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