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Only 18 a long time outdated Beretta, Adriano Galliano, has been hailed as “the Italian born in 1992, the best player”, this assessment may reduce the generation in 1992, only at AC Milan. In complete Low cost England Football Shirts from summer 2009 and AC Milan in January 2010, invested a total of € two.2 million buy (prior to the acquisition had been entitled to, and purchase at the time) and Beretta, Beretta in the development of AC Milan youth team is not quite smooth in the center position is not Qi Geni final time, this season Simone – Gaunt, targets are covered head injuries generally Beretta disappointing yr and a half, the most lovely is the beginning of Cup very last 12 months inside of three days, two hat trick and two video games.Beretta bodily problem, but even now optimistic about Allegri, in the summer time, Allegri Beretta transferred to the 1st staff to participate in the heating, the teenager in the Emirates Spanish League Football Shirts on the overall performance of the summer time brings Alai Gerry left a great impression Inzaghi injured, so Beretta Allegri have particular training with the first staff, apparently, for some outcomes of teaching time is also very good in contrast to the summer’s Emirates Cup, Beretta looks safer, more powerful and technologies .The 2nd 50 percent started, Beretta to set stress on the other line, 50 minutes, Robinsons sent to the restricted location of the action forward, Beretta again to the other guard, foot pull the ball, searching for two guards, then angle tiny knock on the door, the other keeper the ball with his feet dragged out unconscious, the 1st 71 minutes, Abate sent ahead pass, is a cis Guard Beretta True Madrid Football Club Shirt Magus heel of each and every other guy-mark, the other appeared the last defender in Kankan sharp diagonal siege, the initial 72 minutes, Beretta efforts lastly paid off, the ball from Robinsons on the proper, when Beretta exhibits an important advantage to jump large in the 50 percent header release, although goalkeeper the ball flew, but due to the area of header Beretta positive overeating, as well significantly power, the goalkeeper to beat a tiny, the ball was flying into the net. In truth, Emirates Cup, Beretta had a similar header, but unfortunately it was saved by Lukasz Fabianski, but the target is not too late for fifty percent a yr later on, the next round and Ibrahimovic Robinsons can not play, Antonio Casino and Paton will partner up front, Beretta will serve as the only reserve to enter the squad of 18.Beretta even have a likelihood in a minute scored twice, Robinsons with Genuine Madrid Football Shirt, Ibrahimovic obtained a pass at that time, kept the ball directly to make a ahead pass, Beretta behind the half duration in the scenario of Amazingly, the strength out of the blue pushed by the bodyguard of one in opposition to the other to sort a single pole, the other guard was compelled to leave at this time, the referee was sentenced to whistle Beretta essential very first, sluggish motion, it is a apparent “anti -sub “, this, Ibrahim insulted the referee and the applause of exciting, consume a yellow card.

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