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Serie A best three in the Champions League 1st knockout was born out of the staff, although no 1 has been misplaced by two-3 at house in Rome on wish, but I am afraid that no one particular will feel of red wolf Army shame of becoming on the road Donets three grams of miners break target, and in this square, Philippe Mexes was sent off only, Borriello could have also misplaced a shot to tie the game on penalties.Rome received a penalty 28 minutes in the 1st half, when Pizarro out on the appropriate corner, Borriello was Muxi Ta Liang pulled down, the British referee Webb Punishment penalty, Muxi Ta Liang also try to eat to a yellow card, nevertheless, Borriello surgeon personally been a penalty kick miners closed the goalkeeper lying on the ground directly. Rome -1 behind at this time, if that good particles into the penalty, will be in a position to stage the score, there is a wire cut hopes, but lost a penalty shoot Marco Borriello, and then fifty percent stoppage time red card from Philippe Mexes field, a direct consequence of the team’s humiliating exit.

Matters worse, the coach said soon after the game Montella, Marco Borriello’s penalty kick was not the unique players without having looting Milan Jiujiang penalty was a result of the attack on the morale, Montella said: “I will usually be the kick in the penalty prior to the game to develop players prior to the sport with Lecce, and tonight’s game, I picked is Pizarro. “But possibly I had just assumed office, Montella in Bole Los disobey his command, and do not want to blame the media also significantly before, “Of course, folks know each and every play, in that case, everybody wishes to take a penalty, Pizarro ultimately agreed to allow Borriello kick, also no dilemma, I feel sorry for Marco Borriello, but up coming time, be certain to comply with my plan. “

Montella in front of the media compared to the confront to keep Borriello, Marco Borriello is clearly not so type, in explaining why they need to take a penalty, it will be directed at just appointed Montella, “Totti is not generally, when I came to penalty kicks, the coach (Claudio Ranieri) This arrangement has been a prolonged time, and I played numerous times a penalty. but do not know why Montella penalty kick absent my AC Milan Football Shirt qualifications, He has never ever talked with me about, and I in no way explained to me why! “not pleased with the coach’s selection, Borriello mentioned he previous week and now the quantity a single penalty fingers Pizarro spoken of this matter , but apparently did not play a function.

Younger Montella took workplace, he even taught at the teaching ground but also former teammate Francesco Totti, the previously worrying whether he can management the stability of the team, but I in no way considered that this time is not Italian Football Shirt contradiction with his group big Totti guy, but Borriello, Champions League exit soon after the troubles of teaching Montella has only just begun to arrive.

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