25 thoughts on “Ronaldinho Freestyle Show AC Milan 2010 [by nitter]”

  1. what a control at 2:10, I laugh at those thinking CR7 is the best when I see Dinho, Messi, Zidane or the brazilian Ronaldo

  2. Dunga is such an idiot for not choosing him to be on the 2010 World Cup squad!! I PRAY that Ronaldinho will still be this awesome in time for 2014, it would be a shame for him to either retire or not be fit for play and miss another World Cup.

    He BETTER be picked.

  3. Lol at 2:14 that player was like where the fuck did that ball go, how did it pass me

  4. For me – he’s still one of the best! Don’t know why but when he get’s the ball on the field the whole game turns out to be a magic show by Ronaldinho.
    And whats the greatest about him – you can always see that he really enjoys the game! 🙂

  5. omg yeah ronaldinho is why i make up moves and do my own thing haha you gotta love the ball

  6. tumbs up if without ronaldinho had not existed you will not play football( soccer )

  7. football genius you look at ronaldo and messi but i can not understand how Ronaldinho can not be seen as such as he used to at his best i still believe he has the best quality its a shame he is gonna play in brazil because hes just a magic man that talks to a ball and that ball do exactly what he wants it to do its just pure magic I love it .

  8. Just dont understand how he can control that ball so easily and do that kind of trick so easily! Makes me look shit

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