25 thoughts on “Ronaldinho @ Ac Milan Milanello Trainingscamp!!”

  1. Ciao a tutti,
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  4. we love him God bless Milan we bean any one world BESt KAKA PATO RONALDINHO and robinho is the next Milan star

  5. world loves ronaldinho, no matter where he is at.. i wish u all the best! lookin forward to see videos of greatest tricks, passes, moves and goals!!!!!!

  6. he looks like a freekin hip hoper or smthin, like those cash money niggaz n sht, but i like ronaldinho!

  7. barca shuld have put ronaldinho on loan for a year to get him away from the club. they sold him because he was costing the club alot of money with his injuries. now they lost a world class player

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