Ronaldinho AC Milan 2010 2011 HD

Ronaldinho the story so significantly from season 2010-2011. Hope you like it please like and depart a comment what you believe about the video clip thnx. AC Milan vs Bari Total Highlights and Objectives 07/11/2010 AC Milan vs Palermo Complete Highlights and Ambitions 10/eleven/2010 AC Milan vs Inter Complete Highlights and Ambitions 14/eleven/2010 AC Milan vs Fiorentina Total Highlights and Ambitions 21/eleven/2010 AC Milan vs Sampdoria Total Highlights and Objectives 28/eleven/2010 AC Milan vs Brescia Full Highlights and Goals 05/12/2010 AC Milan vs Bologna Total Highlights and Ambitions 12/twelve/2010 AC Milan vs Roma Total Highlights and Targets 19/twelve/2010 AC Milan vs Cagliari Full Highlights and Objectives 06/01/2011 AC Milan vs Udinese Total Highlights and Goals 09/01/2011 AC Milan vs Lecce Total Highlights and Ambitions sixteen/01/2011 AC Milan vs Cesena Complete Highlights and Goals 23/01/2011 AC Milan vs Catania Full Highlights and Ambitions 30/01/2011 AC Milan vs Lazio Full Highlights and Ambitions 02/02/2011 AC Milan vs Genoa Full Highlights and Objectives 06/02/2011 AC Milan vs Parma Total Highlights and Ambitions 13/02/2011 AC Milan vs Chievo Verona Complete Highlights and Ambitions twenty/02/2011 AC Milan vs Napoli Full Highlights and Targets 27/02/2011 AC Milan vs Juventus Total Highlights and Objectives 06/03/2011 AC Milan vs Bari Complete Highlights and Goals thirteen/03/2011 AC Milan vs Palermo Total Highlights and Objectives 20/03/2011 AC Milan vs Inter Full Highlights and Goals 03/04/2011 AC Milan vs Fiorentina Total Highlights and Objectives ten/04/2011 AC Milan vs Sampdoria Total Highlights and Objectives 17/04
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25 thoughts on “Ronaldinho AC Milan 2010 2011 HD”

  1. RONALDINHO HASTA LA MUERTE when i was 18 i used to play like this guy, now im 68 years old and still doing, MY FRIENDS CALLED ME “CLONALDINHO”…………………SALUDOS A RONALDINHO DONDE QUIERA QUE ESTES.

  2. dinho will foRever be my fav soccer player..when ever im playing soccer my # will allways be 80……R10 TILL DEATH

  3. @50BLINGBADMADTING i personally think that with his flashy style he would fit in well in La Liga

  4. @eagles08itsova .thats a good thing you retard. “soccer”as you call it is about technique,skills and brain. it used to be anyway which is why it was amazing ti watch now the game is becoming more and more about how fast you are,how strong you are,etc.boring.if all you want is a bunch oif idiots on steroids runniong around then keep watching whatever it is you call “football”, and basball rofl what a joke.


    TBH i doubt Dinho could hack premiership bruv he’s too lazy…

  6. hes not as good as he used to be he should play for a crapm club nowdays

  7. no its cos the manager is a bitch not abot tracking back defending – he has never done that in his life – everybody knows that he is like ronaldo messi and others who never defend – im guessing u watched this video that is what ronnie is about- running at defenders – hopefully he will play vs tottenham and ppl will see he still has it – while nasri rapes barca

  8. no its because he has become lazy and dosnt track back. everyone knows he was a great player but he just dosnt care anymore. when he won world player of the year he just seemed to let it go a little after that. i love ronaldinho and he is my favourite player and i do agree he could still be one of the best easily!!!! but i wish he would try more cause if he dosnt hel sit on the bench at milan 🙁

  9. no its because he is lazy thats why he is on the bench. he dosnt track back and if looses ball he dosnt care. its like he got to the top and ever since then just cant be bothered to stay there. dont get me wrong i love ronaldinho and he is my favourite player but that is the truth. i just wish he would try his hardest cause he could easily be one of the best still.

  10. right person at the right place, u can see how happy he is playing soccer 🙂

  11. tu eres magia ronaldinho, eres el mejor de todos los tiempos, simepre con la sonrisa aunque te tumben

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