24 thoughts on “Ricardo Kaká vs AC Milan (A) 12-13 HD 720p by Yanz7x”

  1. ele entra na partida faltando 25 minutos pra acabar o jogo e faz 3 assistencias !!
    simplesmente sensacional !

    he enters the game missing 25 minutes to finish the game and makes 3 assists!
    simply amazing !

  2. Gahh Idk he just doesn’t do it for me anymore, I want him too, and he wants too, but its like everything you know what you wanna do but sometimes you lose the ability to do it

  3. no! he is still good yet mourinho doesnt play him yet he knows he is good. last 3 matches for brazil he scored 3 goals 2 assists. last 3 for madrid 1 goal and 5 assists

  4. he’s much better than ozil. Mourinho is a jackass. In 26 mins he provided 3 assists wht abt Ozil?? He shud get more playin time like tht jackass Mourinho alternates between benzema n higuain he shud do d same for ozil n kaka

  5. Ricardo, you are my hero. I am playing at the youth of Milan. You are amazing, please come back home.. To milan. <3

  6. I love KAKA so much
    I think he should leave Real .it’s good for him.
    Go to somewhere that he belong to because no matter what happen Mourinho’s not gonna use him
    Mourinho never give kaka a change.
    It’s bad for him 🙁

  7. Yeah he deserves more playing time.
    Check out my channel I’m selling a ac Milan kaka jersey on Ebay.

  8. I’m a real madrid fan but i think kaka should go to another club. he deserves all the playing time that other clubs could give

  9. wtf are u talking lol? open your eyes dude, u just suck at football, btw you was a bitch just like mourinho

  10. Kaka needs to make a comeback he still has it in my opinion he’s way better than essien that’s for sure

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