AC Milan manager Massimiliano Allegri has said that Andrea Pirlo left the club in the summer in order to join Juventus because he felt that he needed a new challenge in life. Andrea Pirlo is one of the greatest midfielders for AC Milan in recent times. Andrea Pirlo started out as an attacking midfielder, a role in which he was not hugely successful at. His conversion into a deep lying playmaker was made during his days at AC Milan. Former AC Milan manager Carlo Ancelotti was crucial to Andrea Pirlo in this respect. However, Andrea Pirlo did not want to finish his career at AC Milan because he wanted to experience a new challenge in life according to manager Massimiliano Allegri.

The current AC Milan manager Massimiliano Allegri was criticised a lot during the early part of the campaign over his decision to let Andrea Pirlo join Juventus. However, it has been proven in many matches so far that Massimiliano Allegri has taken the right decision with regard to Andrea Pirlo. The current AC Milan manager has worked a lot in order to reduce the average age of the AC Milan squad. Under Carlo Ancelotti, AC Milan became famous for extending the careers of players, which necessarily did not work out when it comes to trophies.

“He’s an amazing player and he’s doing very well at Juventus. Often in life after many years you need a change. In Turin he has found new motivation, which had decreased after 10 years at Milan. But there’s no discussing his quality,” Allegri said to RTL 102.5. AC Milan will be facing Juventus during the table topping clash on Saturday. Andrea Pirlo is expected to be fit for the match. Both teams are separated by just one point in the Italian Serie A table.