Pirlo Incredible Goal vs Parma 0-1 AC Milan HD

Pirlo Extraordinary Goal vs Parma – Subscribe – www.youtube.com Parma -one AC Milan Hd [2/10/10] 39m and 83 Km/h Goal – Italian Calcio League A – Lengthy Range Goal Parma vs ac milan -1 Hd Goal Obiettivo incredibile di Pirlo contro Parma

25 thoughts on “Pirlo Incredible Goal vs Parma 0-1 AC Milan HD”

  1. fuck we needed him today against tottenham. kp boateng and seedorf just couldn’t ignite the attack.

  2. milan cant do shit without him! a true legend and still a topl player. one of the best mifielders this moment and one of the ebst all time! LEGEND

  3. even though i think ronaldinho didnt do much for milan, seeing this video makes me miss him.

  4. if i got a reaction like that from ronaldiniho , i wouldnt care about the goal i just scored.

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