25 thoughts on “Penalties Malmo vs AC Milan – 14/08/2011”

  1. First penalty – 2:14
    Second – 2:51
    Third – 3:23
    Fourth – 3:58
    Fifth – 4:29
    Sixth – 4:57

    Milan Win!

  2. @Rosatii I dare you to give me a match other than Napoli in San Paolo, face it bro. listen I love Oddo and the players too, he’s crazy funny and what he did on Rome with the shampoo was hilarious, but still he’s not a key player anymore HE WAS

  3. @DonNumb

    wrong wrong and wrong

    Oddo at thirty something whene ver called on by the coach always steps up and puts in a good perf.

    His assists were crucial to winning the title last year when we needed him

  4. Ambro: Allora il rigore facciamolo tirare a Mattia (De Sciglio, ndr)….Te la senti o no?!

  5. @DonNumb fair enough but ive never seen him play bad, granted im english so i hardly ever see him play XD anyway, inzaghi’s my main man 🙂

  6. @jamescrowther1234 No he’s not, he’s waaaaaaaaay past his prime If you wanna see the real Oddo go back to Lazio’s years or his first half season with Milan he was great, but now he’s nothing more than a washed up has been, Just like Ginnaro G and Ambro-Leone I love’em to death but its the truth, we’re in 2011-12 not in 2001-07 !!

  7. @eduarvera23 that was his first miss 😉 the post isn’t really a miss though =P he’s a real king

  8. @jamescrowther1234 he drink alchohol and smokes ciggerets which cause him to be a bad athlete….. understand?

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