Pato goals for AC Milan

This is an eight minute video containing all Pato’s (official) targets for AC Milan up to this day. This is a coverage of his two seasons with the Rossoneri.

25 thoughts on “Pato goals for AC Milan”

  1. Does anyone know the name of the second & third song? whoever knows please tell me.

  2. @houda595
    i think thats because he’s only 21 and is still in the “junior” team

  3. i wonder why that idiot donga didn’t take him in the national squad for the world cup

  4. I reckon he would cope in any divisions, he scored against Real Madrid, so shows he can do it, and he is a player who is loyal and is happy playing. Therefore the ultimate footballer!

  5. @gilbertthebear premier league is not the best league just the most money
    and the league is between only manchester and chelsea like it has been since arsenal won it
    serie a is between juventus, roma, inter, milan, lazio, fiorentina, napoli, udinese, palermo, etc.

  6. currently the best striker in the world( with rooney) and in two years the best footbaler on the planet…
    great to have you Alex… Forza Milan!!!

  7. Hey did you see? I was right about the scousers! Bye bye torres ha ha ha.

    Ps why do these goats (usually scousers) think it’s offensive to point out that utd have got such a massive worldwide fan base?

  8. Another man utd fan from nowhere near Manchester I’m guessing? Scum of the earth.

  9. Oh and by the way, the premier league is between man utd and chelski.
    Dont kid yourself if you think liverpool are going to win it.

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