25 thoughts on “MilanChannel – AC Milan 3-0 Napoli – 28/02/2011”

  1. LOL
    Janku, Janku,.
    Robie, Robie,.
    Pato, Pato! Patinho! LMAO
    Pato Patinho, Pato Patinho! GOAAAAAAAL!!! GOAAALLL!!
    damn! this guys is just amazing

  2. @34Nicu Suma is miles better than Pellgatti. You can feel his passion and tension in every commentary.

  3. @ketkamilan LOL, Each one has his own way, Crudeli Epic Faces and the latter is Crazy sound 😛

  4. @peacemakerq8 ok, it’s your opinion that no one is the better than Crudeli and my opinion is that no one is the better than Pellegatti ;)… but both of them are really glorious ;))

  5. @34Nicu so, man u can’t watch live match commented by Crudeli cos’ their channel (7gold) only discuss the match, what about Suma or Pellegatti u can watch them on Milanchannel, but I don’t know streams, If I get it I’ll tell u without any hesitation 😉 I’ll keep it in my mind… sorry that I can’t helped you 😉 FORZA MILAN!!! WE ARE THE CHAMPIONS !!!

  6. @ketkamilan Crudeli and Mauro Suma is too crazy at TV, but I like all these 3 commentators 🙂 if anyone know from were i can watch live ac milan matches comentated by one of this 3 rossonero commentators please tell me and i give u subscribe, BUT THE STREAM TO HAVE A GOOD QUALITY
    Or give me only a radio to listen this commentators please!!!

  7. @TheACD14 don’t worry… every Milan fans will understand you…Forza MILAN!!!!

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