25 thoughts on “Liverpool vs. AC Milan Champions League Final 2005 [HQ]”

  1. liverpool is the best team in the history this team have the best fans with the song youll never walk alone and have steven gerrard the best player in the world

  2. @Jankunas absolute crap, when u bring someone down you are attempting to knock them off their purported high horse. anyway i was fucking around and you’re a sensitive little boy that drives a hummer, talk about trying to compensate for something… every time i see a hummer whether it be in oz, england or elsewhere, i just think: little man. little man trapped inside a big car. hummers should be taken off the roads… the fact u bought one tells alot about u. u cant talk buddy so fuck up….

  3. @Jankunas So? Yeah Barcelona is an amazing team… I’m not a hater like you bro. I could say a million things about the English team, but I would look like an asshole. You know what you sound like? Like an American. Like you hate the rest of the world.

    I’m bored of this now, I’m gonna go to the movies or something. A little tip for you my friend:

    When you try to bring someone down, weather it’s with insults or actions, you are implying that they are above you.

  4. @Jankunas im just fucking with ya spaniard…. its been fun. yes ive seen muse, im a big fan. i happen to be english and i can take the piss out of whoever i like thank u very much, its fun when u guys bite back. yeah spain are the best in the world, you’re producing some great sportsmen. but u can thank barcelona for your world cup… the cruxt of the spanish national team is basically from that winning side… madrid can suck a dick. they are ruining football with their rampant spending

  5. @TheRis81 Oh and by the way… We, “peasant fags,” are the best team in the world right now, so suck on that bitch, hahahahaha (and now you say that Spain won the world cup because they were lucky, HAHAHA). You know whats funny? I checked out your youtube profile, and Muse is one of my favorite bands. Have you met them? I did. Now those are some cool people… But you’re just a dick that insults everything that doesn’t live in your area. You must have a really shitty life, I’m sorry bro.

  6. @Jankunas well you’re still a peasant from a shifty shithole, with a 3 inch penis and a small man complex… spain has to be one of the dodgiest places on earth…real madrid, a club with a glorious history. most of your european cups were won a LONG time ago. times have changed. despite spending a billion euro’s on some of the best talent in the world, you’re still bracelona’s bumboy. xavi, iniesta, messi, pedro, puyol all came thru the youth system. this is a real club. madrid are a joke club

  7. @TheRis81 I’m 5.9 but I have a small dick so I compensate for it buying big stuff… And yes Real Madrid, the team with more titles in the world. How many titles does your team have, sorry? Lol… Oh come on man, U were cracking me up with all your pathetic racial insults, I shouldn’t have told you I am from spain…

  8. @Jankunas u havent explained the reason u drive a hummer…. its because you’re about 5 feet 6 inches with a penis to match? like to feel big on the road (at least that lol). anyone who drives a hummer is a fucking tool, simple as that. oh you’re spanish, oh well you’re still a peasant XD ‘HA HA HA HA’ (FAG). real madrid? what u mean the team thats been getting butt fucked by barcelona and lyon for the past few years even though they spent about 600 gazillion euro’d on players? rubbish

  9. @TheRis81 HAHAHAHAHAHA XDDDD please man keep going, you’re super pathetic hahaha… I’m actually from Spain, but I lived the first 15 years of my life in Venezuela, then I moved back to Spain and now I’m living in the US… So you see, your insults are all just bullshit to me. I’m not from there and I don’t give a shit. I love all my friends from Caracas but the country is worst everyday. And who said I was a Liverpool fan? I’m from Madrid, I’m a Real Madrid fan. Please keep going, haha.

  10. @YellowStringStudios its shit isnt it? i know i was thinking it reminded me of liverpool fc this season…

  11. Gives me goosebumps watching this video!! Liverpool Fc <3 ... YNWA!!! 🙂

  12. @TheRis81 Hahahahaha, the fact that you feel the need to insult me just proves that you need to make yourself feel better. How pathetic, lol. Want to feel even more pathetic? I live in Miami and on vacations I go to Madrid. I drive a brand new fully-paid Hummer and my family probably has more money right now than what yours ever dreamed of making. Keep insulting me please it just makes me laugh, PLEASE HAHAHA XD!

  13. gerrard’s dive was kind of lame, but i think any footballer would have done that just to get a chance to level the match. well done liverpool.

  14. @Jankunas but mainly about luck… do u realise most of the players you’re seeing were lucky to have been picked out by scouts and coaches to get where they are? do u realise how many players with talent dont make it? anyway like u said luck is part of the game, and liverpool survived on plenty of it during those hour and fifteen minutes plus penalties… just a bunch of lucky scouse vermin. now fuck off u venezuelan scumbag…. 3rd world shitbag

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