25 thoughts on “Lecce vs AC Milan 0-1 Ibrahimovic AMAZING Goal 16-01-2011”

  1. im a barcelona fan and i agree with sepp blatter that la liga is the best league in the world. HOWEVER i do not agree that barcelona will walk over any other team from serie a or la liga. We have to be humble ourselves and look at reality, this pre-season gamper cup we drew 1-1 with ac milan at NOU CAMP and last season we lost to inter milan. The previous season we got by chelsea with some dubious refereeing decisions from referee ovrebo lol.

  2. @Anderkisten italy would have had 4 as well if not because ac milan got complacent and let liverpool score 3 back in 05′. Inter already won barcelona which won real madrid 5-0….self explainatory

  3. Move Real Madrid and Barcelona to England, and there will only be two teams competing for gold each year there. Move them to Italy it’ll be the same. Move them to any country and it’ll be the same.

    The rest isn’t so bad. 4 times from 2000-2010 it was a spanish team that won Europa Cup/Europa League. and two times a spanish runner -up

  4. @Katalonia08 Sorry but barcelona may seem a good team because they win every La Liga game but i bet they would struggle against 5-6 English teams, about 5 italian teams, a few german teams and a few french teams. Barcelona and Madrid are the only good teams in La Liga, they would struggle in any other Top-Flight league.

  5. @Katalonia08 so what? If you are satisfied with a match ending 0-7, good for you, I prefer to see an open match with some competition. In the spanish league, I see small clubs going to play at Camp Nou without any idea of what defending is, they place their defense at midfield, you can see Barça players face-to face with the keeper 40 metres away from the goal, of course the match ends so badly. That’s not serious cmon.

  6. @swajtenn FUNNY THAT REAL AND BARCELONA DOMINATES OVER ENGLISH AND ITALIAN CLUBS, ok that its not as many teams under barcelona and real that are good but they can beat any other theme in any other league, if barcelona met lecce it would have endeed 0-7 YOUR PUSSY

  7. @swajtenn now anything can happen but for the last 4 years its been all inter the premier league is the best league in the world without question

  8. @timawela Ok, I never comment youtube videos because I think arguing on the internet is retarded but you, sir, made the miracle.
    You’re probably right about the two Milan teams not winning La Liga (probably, not so sure but I’ll give you that), but claiming that Giuseppe Rossi Futbol Club, Valencia and, for the love of god, SEVILLA would easily secure a CL spot in Italy is just bullshit.
    Sevilla is even ridden with Serie A leftovers (Konko, Cigarini, Guarente, Caceres) what the hell dude.

  9. @MaCunaFa Ronaldinho isn’t there anymore.. And 23 starts and 16 goals is still pretty good. And he’s not traded he’s just on loan. And Eto’o is way different play style than Ibra. Different body type, etc. AND not all italians have no work ethic.

  10. and by Italians i mean lots of people in the Serie A, which is by far the slowest and most boring major league to watch, I know zlatan is swedish and robinho and ronaldinho are brazilian

  11. @MrFabiopicone yeah 23 starts only and traded away after one season because he has no work ethic like all Italians… why do you think lazy players like robinho and ronaldinho are there now too? you think his 16 goals were worth Eto’o+69 million euros?

  12. @hectorcrib
    Evra got shitted by Pato? what about 4-0 victory for Man United over AC Milan? what about that 7-1 victory over Roma? It was like Man Unt shitting on Italian team.
    Bale has not disappeared, he continued to shine after the game against Inter, it is just you who are blind to see it.
    as in for Rooney, he lost his form, he has class, those goals he scored on Milan shows it.
    and don’t forget players like Fabregas, Cech, Giggs…etc
    EPL has more quality world class in my opinion.

  13. @swajtenn I’m pretty sure that valencia, vilareal, atletico de madrid or sevilla will easily get a champions league spot in serie A, and only the two Milan teams would take it in the spanish league, with no chances to win the home championship

  14. Ibrahimobitch sucks, he’s a nothing considered as a legend, a-ha, some people shall learn what’s football!

  15. @swajtenn Are you crazy? At least they play a very beatiful football, instead of that played for another european teams… They looks like brazilian ones, a little bit… Mainly the Barça, the only european that i like to watch, the others just make me sleep… Italian league is the fucking boring, also the english premier!

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