25 thoughts on “Highlights Sampdoria 1-1 AC Milan 27/11/2010”

  1. how can u say robinhos best , he is good and his goal was also good but he only shoot and everyone passes ti him that is all !!!!!

  2. @hndrxuntilidie why u subscribed to this guy when he only shows milan videos?? looooooooool, ronaldinho sucks, he should play for a crappy club like Barcelona, im a loser?? well u are the one who is like a loser but yeah… go fuck ronaldinho, watch some more milan videos and u see milan has been better WITHOUT ronaldinho, learn som football plzz, u arent supposed to play with a bad player when there is a better one in that position.

  3. @chritkalk, FAG! I used to be subscribed to this channel, but I unsubscribed last week, after the way CRAPPY Milan had being treating Ronnie. I dropped a few comments on this guy’s channel…I don’t have to do it anymore, because Ronaldinho is leaving so you people can knock yourselves out. Stop replying to me and go continue to jerk off on Allegri and the gang. I don’t have time to entertain a loser like you.

  4. @hndrxuntilidie i mean why are were u watching the first time, “dumb dumb”…
    AND YES, ronaldinho suck, thats why hes on the bench?? do u think u know better than Milans coach, he has experience and everything u have nothing?? and yeah very mature to say my mom and dad suck, VERY mature….

  5. @chritkalk, You asked Why am I “watching highlight of a crappy club?” because I found your message to me inside of my inbox, apparently you clicked on my name, dumb dumb. Go learn to spell, and Ronaldinho does not “suck,” however, your mom and dad sucks, faggot!

  6. Robson de souza Sao Vicente 1984 Robinho Welcome to the best club in the world! Forza Milan

  7. @hndrxuntilidie Crappy club?? Wooooow, you fail, never seen a person fail that much. Well, if Milan is a crappy club, what is Barcelona then?? They drew against Milan in 25 august, at home, with Milan playing with their B-Team. HAAHAHHA, I know Ronalinho will leave soon because he sucks, hes on the bench all the time. Man, get out of herem you embarissing yourself, why are you even watching the highlight of a crappy club?? HAHAH damn you fail…

  8. @chritkalk, ME? “jealous” of Milan? get the f#$k outta here! I didn’t give a shit about Milan, until our beloved Ronaldinho went to play for that crappy club. Ronnie will be leaving Milan VERY SOON, he had no business there in the first place…

  9. @hndrxuntilidie Crappy Milan?? It’s sad, a person who’s jealous on a football club, fail…

  10. I can’t wait till they start losing their high horse so they can put Ronaldhino back

  11. @chritkalk, The only thing I knew about Boca Juniors, was that Maradona played there, and Riquelme, besides that, I don’t really care.

  12. @chritkalk, NO I didn’t…I don’t follow them AND don’t give a shit, same goes for crappy Milan.

  13. fuuuck robinho hat alle bälle gleich auf tor geschoßen, und nur ein rein gemacht……….ibra hat schon die schnauze voll von ihn

  14. @AthkrAllah fuck u stupid idiot.. allegri is a good coatch!!! watch your stupid football dude!

  15. @Maestr021Channel
    great video, You are right on Robinho but I add Curci 4 Samp. You know I’m blucerchiato.

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