25 thoughts on “Highlights Napoli 1-2 AC Milan – 25/10/2010”

  1. @MrBuckeye2009 gattuso is a playmaker right ???!! i can’t even answer that

  2. @MrBuckeye2009 : dude are you serious ; robinho still needs to gel and don’t forget this is serie A , napoli in sanpaolo + allegri wanted him to play in a team-work not like he used to play in EPL & BBVA because this type of players doesn’t work in italy -hence:dinho- , pirlo was careless ?? i didn’t even what do you mean, ibra is self-centeres and gives his back to bla bla bla ! last game he did 2 assists to pato!! pato was selfish in 1oppurunity , he passed another , he can’t score every match

  3. @diro91 the only game he plays bad and u give critic, what about the other games ?

  4. Comon guys, read the posts before placing your messages. Where did I say that Pato is not good? He is a great talent BUT sometimes a little lazy, sometimes look bored and uninterested. That´s about it.

  5. Abbiati had a brilliant game once again. He is a tremendous keeper. Why does Ibra shoot softly sometimes? He is a big strong lad and should shoot with real power like Drogba does. He has been a great buy. He looks better in a red and black jersey than the horrible blue and black of Inter. What a bullet header. What a game – it could have 12 – 12 with so many chances. The main thing is we won.

  6. @MrBuckeye2009 Ur stupid. Gattuso wasnt play maker,pirlo runs milans game,havent u seen any of patos games recently? And ibra is just good.

  7. Becаuse he has injury.but we don’t know what injury R80 has.We have 2 possibilities 1-st he really has muscle problem or 2-nd he has “coach injury”.

  8. Robinho forgot how to drible; Pirlo was carless and missed key passes; Ibra is self-centered and gives his back to many plays that develop next to him; Pato is caless and appeared to be bored and uninterested in the game. If Pato had the desire and will of Lavezzi he would be the best striker in the world; Disappointinmg 2nd. half by Milan. Gattuso as a ply maker? It does not work at all.

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