25 thoughts on “Highlights AL Ahli 1-2 AC Milan – 02/01/2011”

  1. i sometimes get on my webcam and masturbate to strangers… but i do hide my face

  2. No you CAN’T buy 1000 of ibra! they go to the middle east when they want to retire! They go their for the money!

  3. @MrIraq1 Al Ahly club can buy 1000 of Ibra you idiot but they dont care about soccer here

  4. all we need for LB is fabio coentrao,cissokho,or bale.also a CB.allegri needs to figure out RB position, is it bonera,zambrotta,abate,oddo?should get rid of zambrotta,oddo,bonera and keep abate,montelongo, and antonini to fight for position or buy van der wiel.still think we should get rid of gattuso,seedorf and replace them with merkel and strasser.get rid of inzaghi and since ronnie is leaving give verdi,oduamadi,and beretta chances.

  5. I cant believe that there is not 1 comment about the al ahly goal. man, that was a beast mutherfuking goal!

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