25 thoughts on “Highlights AC Milan 4-4 Udinese – 09-01-2011”

  1. @RezaMarvin you my friend are a dumb ass do u not read the news nesta is back he is fit he will start for milan not bonera read more news man

  2. fk milan will start with bonera against lecce T_T and the same for seedorf. Is Allegri crazy? Those two suck!

  3. they maybe didn’t play the best but a draw is better then losing and btw milan is number 1 atm in Serie A list so not bad at all

  4. Espero que no caiga el Milan, yo le tome cariΓ±o por Ronaldinho pero ahora que no esta solo lo apoyare porque el fue parte del equipo. Forza Milan!!!! Forza Dinho!!!!

  5. Milan is so poor at passing..Cassano probly the best passer we have. seedorf should be bench, this is his second poor display. I cant wait till boatang gets back. Bonera had a bad game, but we will see what happens. abate and antonini are not the best,but thats what we have.

  6. bonera= slower defense ever!!
    ibracadabra= best striker for the milan!!!
    thiago silva= best defense of milan together with nesta
    seedor= get away!!!
    pato= lucky guy!!
    strasser= nice match
    robinho= nice very nice!!
    abbate= nice like robinho!
    antonini= get away please!!!!!!

    thump up if you think that too

  7. @massingstone if you were a milan fan you would look at the positive instead of picking out the negatives they came from behind and the teams around them are still struggling , if you arnt a milan fan dont comment on these vids

  8. My report

    thiago silva = god
    Ibracadabra = god
    Bonera = slower defense always out!
    cassano = excellent signing up now
    duck = you’re lucky is well and won the champion
    Seedorf = had good years and now you’re finished that play 5:17 (disappoint)
    robinho = I like this game
    Strasser = stay well and you will soon head
    Abbe = I like it!

    please bonera away!!!!!!!1111

  9. Ibracadabraaa πŸ˜‰ I love Milan’s last minutes scores. That make me crazy about them.

  10. @massingstone watch?v=rLUsMVuVapA that was his first match if allegri would of motivated Ronaldinho he would be playing just like that and Milan would be top in any competition

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