25 thoughts on “Highlights AC Milan 4-0 Lecce – 29/08/2010 Arabic Commentary”

  1. only 4-0 it should of been about 9-0 with the chances they had , what a game what was , Great video 🙂

  2. ronaldinho hat richtig gutes spiel gemacht
    geile pässe
    geiles dribbling
    und er hat die bälle sehr gut nach vorne geschlagen 🙂

  3. Dinho’s still got that tummy haha, but he IS DEFINITELY BACK! I am gonna look foward to him in the 2014 World Cup Brazil!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. ronaldinho thanks for everythin u did to us on barcelona we will never forget. we hope u will du the same her to 🙂

  5. @Chessahollic99
    Neither Robinho nor Ibrahimovich are more prolific goalscorers than Pato. Check your stats first. Full stop. As for the first competitive game of the season Pato has done really well. There is no striker in the world who would not miss a chance.
    Pardon my sarcasm, but if you knew anything about football and AC Milan you would have known that Ibrahimovich and Robinho were brought to replace Huntelar and Borriello not Pato, who is valued far more than them.
    Stop talking rubbish.

  6. @PeterTc I don’t think you watchin the same game?? How many chances did Pato miss, How many times did he loss the ball/misplace a pass?? not to mention this is Lecce?? The greatest opponents ever rank 5th in world football hence the full crowd and why Milan jus got Robinho and Ibra NEW strikers!! (pardon my sarcasm) but I’m jus an idiot rite?? anywho this video is rather soothing/revealing on how I feel about cricket or football:) watch?v=O0MQ2-fYQno

  7. was a good move getting rid of borriello he started to lack enthusiasm and the tare huntelaar..respect milan ..forza inter

  8. @Chessahollic99
    you are an idiot if you call strikers like Pato shitty. stick to cricket and leave football alone.

  9. 5:21 to 6:11 Ronaldinho’s back to his old tricks:), Almost every attack went through Ronnie but shitty Milan strikers cant finish could of been 10-0. Fergie!! Fergie!! Fergie!! sign him up lol

  10. Ronaldinho never retired!!!He plays 100 games in season in Barca and don’t have form it’s normal.Now Messi plays vs Korean teams because yellow people have$ and i think it’s be the same…Where is regeneration and pre season training???

  11. esos pases que da ronaldinho !! demuesta la calidad de futbol que el aun tiene !! he is great

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