25 thoughts on “Highlights AC Milan 3-2 Ajax – 23/4/2003”

  1. @q0rra
    Ajax has been a club who delivered the biggest stars for a long time, but every time a talent turns into a star, the rich clubs take them away. If the FIFA re-installed the rule, where you could only have 5 foreign players, ajax would at least get some credit for what they have accomplished with their youth.

  2. First match that i did have view Milan
    and in this match i Fallen in Love with Milan <3

  3. @q0rra
    thats why soccer isnt fair
    all those so called big clubs are spending so much more money
    ajax cant compete with that

    btw in that time we also had van der vaart and maxwell

  4. De Jong, Ibrahimovic, Sneijder, Pieenar, Chivu. Wow. Imagine if Ajax would have those players today in their current form. D:

  5. De ball would still have gone in so Tomasson ‘s touch didn’t matter any more.

  6. ” Amore, sei utile come il tocco di Tomasson dopo il pallonetto di Inzaghi in Milan-Ajax 3-2 ” ahahahahah

  7. @AfonsoAlves7
    als ja dat maar weet jongen! Miss wel sneller dan verwacht nu De Boer trainer is 🙂

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