25 thoughts on “Highlights AC Milan 3-1 Chievo – 16/10/2010”

  1. ronaldinho should go more for goals insted of assists thats the only way for him to be in the starting 11every game i think

  2. 5:38 that crossball is PERFECT look at the way it curves!! brilliant from IBRA!!

  3. @massingstone
    i agree boating must start insted of gattuso when he play you can see him everywhere great player

  4. @EujinhoTV You cant have Binho, Ibra, Dinho and Pato all starting as Dinho and Binho dont track back and work in midfield. This would leave holes in the midfield. Pato and Ibra come back and defend. They also drop deep to help the midfield. Dinho is only good attacking and must start every game if fit as he sets up numerous goals. His passing is excellent. Robinho is okay but Prince is much better to have in midfield. He works a lot harder. Its about getting the right balance.

  5. Robinho não tem vaga de titular nesse time!
    Pelo menos por enquanto!
    A.C. MILAN ♥

  6. o dunga voce deve estar chorando de arrependimento de não ter levado o ronaldinho e neymar eo ganso é claro ve se aprende marrento…

  7. @hetsarN his enjury is not too bad, he MAY play. there’s a good chance for that.

  8. Abbiati is just gettin better and better, he played very, very, very well in this match.

  9. ibra is such a versatile player he give what a team needed and pato did not dis appoint him indeed the new perfect duo. great milan forza

  10. Pinche narrador parece que está leyendo una receta de cocina jajajaja XD

    Gracias de todos modos Maestro021 🙂 siempre veo tus videos.


  11. defence looked a little sloppy today. We gotta tighten that up or else were in trouble against Real Madrid

  12. good game, but i wanna see robinho, ronaldinho, ibra and pato all start off at the same time.

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