25 thoughts on “Highlights AC Milan 3-0 Napoli – 28/02/2011”

  1. @silvius87 E se in estate non lo riscattiamo possano mille sventure abbattersi su di noi!!! E per il tottenham dico solo una cosa: morte agli inglesi!

  2. Why cant we play with this hunger and desire every game? If we did, we would be about 10 points clear at the top. This how English Premiership teams play. Pato and Prince must start against Tottenham. Great result though.

  3. what ist the name of the channel , do i havo to pay for it ? how can i fand it ?

  4. brilliant game. finally milan, i had faith in you all through those last two seasons and now you’ve finally pulled through. <3

  5. Ma che grande partita!!!
    Pato was man of the match but only slightly edges Van Bommels performance, he was fantastic, it’s such a shame we can’t use him in CL, especially with Pirlo and Ambro out and Rino’s suspension.
    What a game! Thank you maestro!

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