25 thoughts on “Highlights AC Milan 1-2 Juventus – 18/08/2011”

  1. Yes, we lost BUT look at the players! It was only Cassano, Gattuso, Van Bommel and Boateng who was in the “a team”

  2. @agnostiko1
    because he dont play in his position in the chile`s formation, he play how sttoper player not how midfield player

  3. Vidal looks promising and him partnering Pirlo in midfield look very strong, but Juve will struggle unless they address their defense. Milan without Ibra look less convincing when attacking.

  4. poor goal keeping by roma for juve’s 1st goal but who cares just a friendly in the end…FORZA MILAN

  5. Come on guys, Roma is third string and docent play much, don’t be harsh on him

    Thx maestro!

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