Goal Gennaro GATTUSO Juventus vs AC Milan (0-1)

Saturday, March 5th, 2011 A fairly dull game came to lifestyle on 68 minutes with Gennaro Gattuso scoring his initial target in 77 Serie A matches, a scuffed left-footed work, to give the Rossoneri the lead.
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25 thoughts on “Goal Gennaro GATTUSO Juventus vs AC Milan (0-1)”

  1. @richiewhe These jealous english need to shut up. Gattuso is a WORLD CUP and Champions League winner, something you loser english can only dream of.

  2. @mj5stocki

    Ok. Cool. Also, du kommst aus Österreich. Ich finde es echt cool! Ich habe schon in Deutschland gewohnt (Münster, NRW), aber leider bin nie in Österreich gewesen… Total Schade…

  3. @luizconrado i know him, i follow football all the days 😉
    if you like the goal its okay, also a defender could have made that goal.. watch a goal from vidic at manu ;D

  4. @mj5stocki
    Well, I am not a Milan fan. But I am Brazilian and I really like soccer.
    And Gattuso is an old player already, world champion, well known around the world, specially because he is a bad soccer player (when it comes to ability) but a big Seheriff (very aggressive).
    I searched for a video for you, so you can understand better who Gattuso is. Search this here on Youtube:

    “Gennaro Gattuso Riots vs Tottenham 15/02/2011 Uefa Champions League”

    Take care.

  5. @luizconrado okay now i understand what some people like about this goal.. but its not that great.. 😀
    i mean if he would shot a powerful goal it would be strange but this is a boring goal but i understand what you mean 😉 maybe you are a milan fan 🙂

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  7. @egor66rus
    Так скоро он в рфпл будет забивать, за анжи

  8. italian football is done, a goal like this can be all over youtube, wtf…btw Spurs own italian football, go Spurs!!!

  9. @mj5stocki Dude… you dont follow soccer, do you?
    Gattuso scored… That’s whats cool about it.
    Gattuso is the sheriff of Milan… He doesnt have ability, he isnt good kicking the ball (as u can see)… He is a fighter (almost literally)… And he scored… That’s cool… and strange… 😉

  10. lol ibra is always aggro after celebrating a goal 😛 pushing gatusso to the ground hehe

  11. Ибрашлюхович даже при праздновании гола – редкостная гнида и недочеловек

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