25 thoughts on “Galliani on Thiago Silva and Ibrahimovic”

  1. Ibra was more important than silva.he is a player that can win a match by himself by scoring unbeliavable goals and brilliant assists.but you will realise that later when milan won t score goals

    send my fuks to BERLISCONI , that PIG LOVES MONEY

  3. 5 years ago i remember watching the kaka inspired invincible AC milan team playing in the champions league final against liverpool, but after what happened the other day, i dont think milan will ever be on that level again…, only declining

  4. ye i know that !! and also Ibra’s move wasa predictable i knew he will move, even tho he made a huge impact in Milan still i consider him a Football “Slut” but he is an amazing player…Silva’s move i didnt expect, i wanted him to stay…Ibra can go but not Silva, we need this guy but its too late now!! Bad choice made by Berlusconi and by Silva !!

  5. we need new young player’s like destro,obgonna,poli,not tevez or player whit expensive

  6. wow..ac have just lost the best centre back and striker in the world…How do you replace???

  7. E poi… grande Leo porta via tutti da quella società di merda, che fischia i Maldini , caccia Gattuso e Nesta … nessuno vi ama!

  8. Io se fossi bilanista m incazzerei molto,non perché vendono i campioni, se non ci son soldi ci sta(e poi senza lo zingaro si vincono le champions), ma per come prendono per il culo i tifosi quelle faccie da culo… prime pagine e annunci a dire che restano, e quel coglione di Suma 2 giorni prima pensava al Inter…” Noi non siamo come l Inter i nostri campioni non li vendiamo” memoria corta.. Kaka insegna almeno Moratti ti fa capire che se arriva l offerta nessuno è incedibile…dai Merlusconi

  9. ibrahimovic is gonna leave, robinho misses too many chances, pato is always getting hurt, we only have cassano!
    we need at least 2-3 world class midfielders! milan need more money

  10. can you please write what you intend to tell me again this time using proper grammar and at least try to get the spellings right cause i couldn’t understand a single thing

  11. ya ryt.. u know dat ibra nd silva are olympic nd euro favrts… so wt du mean tht milan nt BUY A PLAYEr wch has quality … the thing in football is quality has money …milan got 40 million dollar from uefa for participating nd 42 million for silva … now wt … if milan can get money from uefa y buy under rated layers …??? galliani nd berlusconi is killin de club dats alll dats FUCKING ALLL

  12. another american fucktard that knows shit about football. silva didn’t want to go twat. it’s just milan need the bloody money. they’re broke and selling ibra and silva would free so much salary money.

  13. Ibrahimovic is one of the best strikers in the world. Yes. But he is old, and if you Milan get around £20m for him, nothing wrong with that. You can buy many strikers to stick the ball in the back of the net. (Jovetic, Cavani, Remy etc.) My personal choice would be Edin Dzeko. World class with Wolfsburg, but out of favour at Man City. Milan is one of the biggest clubs in the world, speaking as an Englishman. But Silva is irreplaceable. Haven’t a clue who to buy there!

  14. GALLIANI U ARE NEVER THINKING ABOT THE FANS  I AM the only one in my school hu supports milan …all oders are barca manu nd real…so the only thing i hold is the7 chmpions legue trofiees milan has against barca nd man.u sincerly galliani u and berlusconi shud die nd sell the club to a rich middle eastern sheikh


  15. Stupid decision!!

    Silva is irreplacable!!

    U always think bout d money!!
    U never thinking bout the Fans!!!!

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