25 thoughts on “FC Liverpool vs AC Milan 3-3 of istanbul amazing game”

  1. Best game of football final I’ve ever seen. Inspiring…
    Integrity with which Gerrard plays is truly awesome
    Hats off to real king of England…one of the shining gems of football

  2. I hate Dudek , Alonso and Benitez, but it truly was a wonderful match.
    Cheered for Milan till half time, and for Liverpool after. 😀

  3. this match really changed my way of loving football, no one is the same after this game…

    i was a kid and cried when Milan lost, but know i am mature enough, to understand Liverpool’s greatness, i even went to Anfield and sang YNWA


  4. The Best football match in history!! Us Liverpool fans and players never say die!WALKON WALKON WITH HOPE IN YOUR HEART AND YOU’LL NEVER WALK ALONE YOULL NEVER WALK ALONE!!! 5 EUROPEAN CUPS AND MANY MORE TO COME!! YNWA

  5. I’ve had never been a fan of primier league or had any bias towards any team in it…But I must say when I watched this, I wished it was my team (Juventus) who had LOST to Liverpool that day..It would have been an honor..something about the reds..You can’t practice that shit in training 😉

  6. The commentator after the penalties: “Oooooooooh, it’s Liverpool!!”, but for Dudek,: ‘ oooooooh , u hit my dickkk!!

  7. 2:38 – must’ve been the best feeling in the world for smicer, being as it was his last game. he struck a great pen too.

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