25 thoughts on “Derby Primavera – AC Milan vs. Inter – 14/05/2011”

  1. notice that the commentator gets excited when AC milan scored not inter and that he loves ac milan

  2. >_< inter always had better primavera team and better than milan's and they still are! we'll see next season.

  3. @Al2006essandro whatever. to me isnt soooo world class in order to be milans starting goalkeeper,i would prefer someone else.{and definately younger}

  4. if i was milans couch i would give a chance to this goalkeeper,SINCE MILAN HURTS IN THIS position .

  5. Maestro can u upload a Compilation skills of Fossati and Calvano im really interested to see those 2 players in action :p

  6. Poi si lamentano del nostro capitano Gattuso…il loro è già una merda dalla primavera!

  7. @limwwire Inter gave the title ??!!! for ur info Inter didn’t win a shit all the way from 1989-2006 not even a charity cup lol … So get the fuck out Inter back to ur position …. Coz ur kings r back … Not next year not even next decade for u dumbshit

  8. looool penalties and u guys happy as fuck this is u milanista
    inter gave away the title this year because of bad discions but it’s all good we will see next year

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