9 thoughts on “Catania – AC Milan 0-2 [29.01.2011][HD]”

  1. @slashlols your correct best defense in italy..that is it..i expect milan to win at san siro but they will loose 3 r 4 at white hart lane..milan may still go through but i feel they will have to score allot of goals//we will find out soon

  2. @TheDpolenz …milan defensive line is the best one in italy….only 18 goals… so how can you say that??

  3. @one4aJlb yh, Van Bommel came to Milan becouse of the many injuries they have in midfield but they gave him the contract only till the end of the seasion. Dunno about the music tho

  4. @TheDpolenz yh right great comment -.-‘ look the stats, they just have the best defence in serie A. Inform youself before saying s..t like that. And they have 11 injured players you knew that?? Obviously not..

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