25 thoughts on “Carlos Vela v AC Milan”

  1. he should go to spain a team like valencia athletico villareal or sevilla his playin style fits with that league plus he has xperience there

  2. he should go to spain a team like valencia athletico villareal or sevilla his playin style fits with that league plus he has xperience there

  3. @trickster43va yeah i agree but he is working on his right foot. if you really like following SOCCER you should get an account on FOOTYTUBE, if you do let me know who you are

  4. @7BARCELONA1 i think sending vela to brom wich was a good idea because he needs more playtime and hes never going improve if he doesn’t get the minutes he need. vela is brillant when he plays i just think he needs TO REALLY work his right foot

  5. inmy opinion carlos vela is better that hernandez….. vela has way more creativity

  6. @ronaldo42222 Yeah i agree with you somewhat , Arsenal doesnt play a formation that Vela can make much of . Besides he doesnt Arsene Wengers full confidence it always seems to me that all others are ahead of Vela in the Arsenal squad, to me Carlos has been very pacient and he deserves a real shot at making the starting 11, if not then Arsene should just quit waisting Vela’s time . As for hernandez hes doing great keep it up and no probelm with your english

  7. @7BARCELONA1 you are right, I know the are not the same position, but they WERE the same position, and i was comparing how their lifes “changed”. I personally think Arsene Wenger doesn’t know how to use Vela… he was not completely fair with him and, for example, Alex Ferguson is using Chicharito really well.

    in spite, I really like how carlos vela plays, and I am happy about his last goals with west brom…

    sorry about my english 🙂

  8. @ronaldo42222 Carlos Vela has already made 2 goal for West Brom and with less minutes played. Besides its not fiar to compare Vela and Hernandez becuase Carlos plays more on the wing.

  9. La diferencia entre vela y chicharito son sus representantes, el chícharo se vende mejor. Vergara si que sabe hacer negocios

  10. Vela was much better than javier hernandez “chicharito”, he always was the main striker at the U17 and U20 mexican team while chicharito was his substitute, always on the bench, then arsenal ruined vela because he never used to play, and now chicharito is at manchester Utd scoring goals while vela is at west idontknowthat..ich trying to play

  11. He must try harder to achieve great things!! so much talent but not enough will power

  12. Ahora la pregunta es… Porque chingados no es titular con Arsenal?!
    Now the question is… Why not play with Arsenal?!


  14. For the guys at UK, Vela says in the 0:10 time: son of a bitch!! In spanish of course. Jajaja

  15. i just hope his loan spell at west brom does him good and comes back to arsenal next season a much better player. i think he’s way better than nicklas bendtner and i don’t understand how he gets more time on the pitch than vela.

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