Bonera Lost Balls

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Udinese 4-4 with AC Milan with the Wholesale Football Shirt Shop last round, three clean sheets and Bonera have a direct relationship after the game, ability to Italian media by poor defending, said the sky Taiwan the Mazhai. “Latest Milan Bonera round of high level performance you see in your eyes, there will be some movement in the transfer market “Bonera changed the location of the results or the director. Back Alessandro Nesta, Bonera not playing in the back, and results in the main left back position, scored Allegri Antonini, Bonera help, not to keep the left back position. This is the second time this season Bonera with the standing back to the left, the first is the Sampdoria game, this game really bad play Bonera, AC Milan finally reached a 1 -1, the field is almost a replica party, has also advanced the ball, throw a ball at the last minute, even Bonera keep left as the other major objective, the difference is that this game because Anthony Nepal nose fractures, while the camp was hit Antonini Bonera table. A single view of data OPTA, Bonera, and the gap significantly in the right side of Abarth, both pass 8, only 1 Bonera, successfully treated with 4-fold reduction, Nella Bo 0, the block 4 times Abarth 3 times Bonera, at the headquarters of the context, Abarth 6 times, Bonera only 3 times. Both ends, AC Milan, left and right lateral positions are very unbalanced. mediocre at both ends Bonera, and because technical roughness, lack of basic capacity of the ball the first 15 minutes, sending the bullet Ambrosini, Bonera collusion no way to see the ball out of the line band, even in Lecce at home, on the other hand the fans broke the mockery and derision, 33 minutes, the ball Bonera the first field in the closing on the other bad, Ambrosini had to use tactical mistakes collapse back one the other, 86 minutes, Bonera in no case later than the close of the market is bad, if the result is 1-1, you need a counter-attack on a large scale, co-Tiago – Silva has been a furious opponent and use this to pull a lot of wasted time, 91 minutes, Bonera received Tiago with the Italy Football Shirt in the wings – pass hesitation Silva, one was the end, forced to run the ball sideline, the city of Yago – A slip of the hand of Silva angry at the way back, to express their discontent. To Bonera, Moggi has publicly questioned: “If it were me, I prefer Yepes, not used before Milan Bonera, still awaiting the development of those who know the players; I believe that senior management will make AC Milan, so I guess Yepes can be AC Milan. Yepes has replaced the last corner when Mathieu Flamini, 20 seconds left! But I fear that the days of the countdown concluded Bonera, Galliani has publicly set a left side, while the point guard position, the AC Milan is in close contact with Rome, Philippe Mexes, according to media Italian words, not to Rome, after the contract is without doubt Mexes AC Milan. In addition, the loan to Serie B in Padova former youth team with the Italy Shirt to play this season; also pay attention to AC Milan.

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