Allegri not identified in the lineup

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In accordance to the “Gazzetta dello Activity,” mentioned, AC Milan, Juventus prior to the game, Allegri has been not recognized in the lineup at left guard, first breakthrough in this place is the capability to deal with strong Krasic, Second, the current has been recovered from Gianluca Zambrotta, but Jankulovski in the final round game Football Shirt in opposition to Naples kicked out of substantial-stage, AC Milan, the discipline will be used who? Yang eventually chose Allegri library, and also proved that there is nothing at all wrong alternative Allegri.

four many years back, Jankulovski Nedved had been appointed as the “most excellent player in the Czech Republic”, and Pavel Nedved of Juventus Krasic have been called “I Juventus successor “, but did hand the introduction of Nedved’s Moggi is to Italian Football Shirt remind you:” Kara Passage is a great player, but please do not compare him and Pavel Nedved. “Now it looks Crathie Nedved looks both odd and prolonged golden hair form, and a long war of Jankulovski sparse, so that the Serbs are not a possibility in his side.

6 minutes, Ibrahimovic following the discipline taking part in with fire, the Czech people in time to pin steals also launched a counterattack, 4 minutes later, Young was a stunning library and steal, if not Del Neri specific account, is bullied by Ján Mello lengthy silence war, but still rushed in to try to counter the expense of the target off the consequence is a stunning Czech extraordinary pick the ball flashed Mello, sent the ball straight at the foot of Boateng, 21 minutes is the most exciting time Ján demonstrate, he was confronted with plum Los closing down, buckle AC Milan Football Shirt above rivals, the middle of gravity in the case of loss, prior to the rush in Marchisio, stabbed the ball to the Boateng, with Houboeteng without having adjusting the ribs, only the initial half that the most Cassano threats that deal with Buffon pole.

Silva explained: “In 2005, I was on mortgage to Dynamo Moscow, but it really is a horrible town, wherever the cold, in which I was sick, I lay in the hospital for six months, bodyweight 10 kg chubby! Whilst in the hospital, every person is so thin, do not want to consume something, but I was often hungry, my mom said, I look like sick, but then I really nearly dead! “

“The physician advised me, allow me go for a walk collectively, but I do not do this, I had had this disorder is contagious, so I was isolated, can only play laptop or computer video games, World wide web. Often, there will be a doctor come give me the shot, Juventus Shirt or 4 instances a day, every day need to consume 10-15 pills. “Tiago – Silva said,” then I know I have that is 6 months of TB, the physician later Tell me, if we have two weeks, if not healed, I might die soon. This is why, no matter where I play, right after that I will usually remember my days in Russia. ”

That time period of Tiago Silva the most unhappy time of existence, in addition to severe illness, he was also almost retired early, he stated: “I was nearly contemplating retirement, but I obtained a likelihood, I went to flamenco exercise, in the two instruction periods, they informed me I can go, simply because I do not more powerful than their current players. I advised my mom, I do not want to play yet another football, simply because no a single want me to inform me that if that situation, I need to go and my brother’s business, but I quickly modified my brain, to locate one more club.

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