25 thoughts on “Ajax – AC Milan 1995 Champions League Final”

  1. @LastGenStudio It was Louis van Gaal who jumped. Potesting for dangerous play by a Milan player. Watch scene at 2:10 and you wil know.

  2. i miss good old ajax, but its going better now a day. they at least showed their self in champ league and hopefully europe league win this year, but suarez is gone and emanuelson too. but its goin better just needs time

  3. man capellos jump made me laugh, what a guy. if milan had rijkaard on their side it would have made the world of a difference imo

  4. @sebastiaanvl
    As Ajax fan I’d love to agree… but after the last couple of matches of Barcelona we should admit that Barcelona is at least as good as Ajax 1995….

  5. @iheartoranje i,d of loved to see them stay together for 5 years after beating milan instead of all leaving for free to the big european clubs ,ajax got raped ,they would of won everything ,heres A BIG FUCK YOU VERY MUCH to jean mark bosman on the behalf of ajax and there fans!

  6. Vind het erg jammer hoe men met Kluivert is omgegaan de laatste jaren, hij moest verdomme bij PSV zn’n carriere afbouwen. Heeft ajax een champions league bezorgd, zou toch wat meer respect moeten zijn.

  7. This team was so dominant! Would love to see an Ajax side like this again. Losing Jol was the first step.

  8. sebastiaanvl

    hahaahhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahaahhahhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah in jour dreams

  9. So sad our team isnt this good as then, Good players getting sold to fast!,
    And our direction are a bunch of faggs who only want money. Johan Cruijf wants to help ajax, instead of taking the help they can get. ajax REMOVES the holy flag of johan cruijf the let him shut up about ajax. So sad !!, Respect al ajax players eva

  10. @VinCeXMS Daarna hadden we dat ook en je ziet hoe het is gegaan daarna, de mensen achter Ajax waren ineens niet van Ajax en veel bobo’s/stropdassen die er alleen maar zaten om het geld in eigen zak te steken.

  11. I still hope old times would get back because this is what football is about, ajax=football and with a change of the fifa and uefa rules ajax will get back at the top. I’m sure it will happen, within 10 years, ajax will be back at the top of Europe. A golden team, Ajax Amsterdam.

  12. @bordkrijt ja toch best knap met bijna geen geld en dan al goeie spelers kweken. Moet je voorstellen als we veel geld hadden.

  13. if our clubs would have that much money as clubs like england/italy/spain Dutch teams would still play at the top of the world. atleast our national team is good though

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